Town Crier - Vol. 12 Issue 1 - January

Town Crier - Vol. 12 Issue 1 - January
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Posted By: David Murphree
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Date Posted: Sun, Jan 26 2020

The January 2020 issue of the Dixie District online newsletter, The Dixie Town Crier is a must read.

  • Midwinter Highlights - Dixie Choruses & Quartets
  • Spring Contest - location change, hotels, registrations, news
  • Website Update
  • Town Crier Editor Retires

The Dixie Town Crier is YOUR chapter’s opportunity to share information and photos about your chorus, quartets, shows, and activities with your fellow barbershoppers. Each chapter is encouraged to appoint someone to report YOUR chapter news! Submissions and questions should be directed to 

Town Crier Editor
Dixie District BHS